(Due to state guidelines for COVID there will be no more than 6 people allowed per booth)

Hello, and thank you for reaching out about the Bottled Blonde VIP experience! The “Minimum” is what you will need to spend on the product to have the table; we do not actually charge you for the table.  You’re welcome to reach your minimum quoted price through bottle service liquor and champagne. If for any reason you cannot meet your minimum through product, then a table fee will be added for the remaining amount.

Listed below are the minimums per night, how many people will comfortably fit at each table, and the number of guests allowed on the list per reservation.  We may be able to accommodate additional guests depending on circumstances; please call for those details.

Please see attachments for visuals and descriptions of booths and menu pricing.   We ask all of our reservations to show up no later than 11 pm unless confirmed otherwise by management.  For any additional questions or to book a reservation, please call  Chris Carpenter 480-297-9888.


  • Fireplace $1400 Minimum
  • Middles $700-$1050 Minimum
  • Garden, door, patio $700 Minimum


  • Middles $1050-1400 Minimum
  • Fireplace $1050 Minimum
  • Insides $700-$1050 Minimum
  • Garden, Doors $700 Minimum
  • Patio $350 Minimum


  • Fireplace $2000 Minimum
  • Middles $1400-$2000 Minimum 
  • Insides, garden $1050-$1400 Minimum
  • Door $700-$1050 Minimum
  • Patio $700 Minimum
  • Rooftop $700-1400 Minimum


  • Fireplace $1400
  • Middles $700-$1050 Minimum
  • Doors $700-$1050
  • Garden $700
  • Patio or Rooftop $700-$1050 Minimum

****Prices do not include tax or gratuity, prices subject to change based on availability and holidays, management reserves all rights****

Add ons-
Table Decorated with Giant Letter Balloons - $15 a letter

Call for Thursday and Sunday Birthday specials!

  • Middle Tables- Comfortably holds 6-8 people, 6 people per reservation.
  • Inside Tables- Comfortably holds 8-10 people, 6 people per reservation.
  • Garden Table - Comfortably holds 10-12 people, 6 people per reservation.
  • Fireplace- Comfortably holds 10-12 people, 6 people per reservation


  • Garage Door- Comfortably holds 6-8 people, 6 people per reservation
  • Patio- Comfortably holds 6 people, 6 people per reservation
  • Rooftop- Comfortably holds 8-10 people, 6 people per reservation

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